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Kerala Pet Market is designed to help pet parents. Our purpose is to help to promote the knowledge of pet hobby. We provide pet advice, pet articles, and pet stories. Its an online pet forum in Kerala to discuss pets behavior, routines, health, etc.

So, Welcome to Kerala Pet Market. I hope you will find everything you want to know. This pet care website is designed especially to take care of your pet. It's a free resource for pet owners to get trusted pet care advice. 


Pets are a vital part of many people's life. Some people love to keep pets as their companion. A domesticated animal can be a companion, a wild animal like the wolf can not be kept in the house as a pet. A pet animal can be your furry faithful friend but taking care of a pet is very important. You have to be more careful because pets can not express exactly what's happening with them. But those who love animals and pets are their lifeline, it's not difficult for them to take care of a pet.

 If your child has a pet, he will definitely take care of the health of the pets, but young children(under 10 years) can not care for large pets like dogs and cats. Your involvement is necessary for pet care even you think your child can take care of the pet. You have to take responsibility for your own. Careless behavior for pet animals can be unhealthy for both the pet and your children. Parental involvement, open conversation, and pet care advice are necessary to treat your pet kindly and patiently. That's why Kerala Pet Market is organized to encourage you to take care of your pet.

Pet Care Tips

Regularly Veterinarian Visits

Veterinarian trips are very important for all pets including cats and dogs. Regular inspection by your veterinarian is important as you can know the health problems of which you are inexperienced. You can early diagnose issues before your pets became sicker and serious.

Healthy diet

It's the most important advice for responsible pet owners to provide fresh, cool water, and a healthy diet for your pets. A good diet is helpful to strengthen your pet's immune system. By taking healthy diet, your pet will have a glowing hair coat, sparkling eyes, good skin, good intestinal health, and perfect mental acuity.

Care Your Pet

When you welcome a new pet into your home, schedule his/her immunization appointment. For a long life span and healthy life, vaccinating your pet is very crucial. In your very first visit, the vet will schedule an immunization plan for your pet including little pup or kitten to save them from sickness and infection. Vaccination is not just for young pets, you can schedule it now for your pet of any age. 

Keep your Pet Lean
Keep your pet lean with healthy food because being overweight and fat can decrease a dog or pet life. The pets can have joint disease, heart illness, diabetes, and more other problems with obesity. So, give your pet a healthy nutrition diet to keep him/her safe. 
Training & Socializing
Training and proper socializing is a part of responsible pet care. Starting from their young age is more effective, as they can learn more tricks. Toilet training is also very necessary to keep your pet and your home clean. Socialization skills are required to bond your pet with other pets and people. It will make your pet a happy pet. 
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Keep Your Pet Clean
You should always keep your pets clean. The most common issue between cats and dogs is a dental disease because of their nasty teeth. You should take your pets to vets or groomers to brush their teeth, comb their coats and giving them fresh food to keep them in tip-top shape.
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