9 ways to protect our bird from illnesses

Good hygiene – regularly clean the bird cage and the appliances in it. The cleaning must be accomplished minimum twice a week. We mustn’t let our birds have contacts with wild or free – living birds, who are the main carriers of diseases and infections. Do not put the bird cage exposed to draughts – […]


Way For Your Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Following on from our introduction to saltwater aquariums this segment is designed to give you some idea of a typical saltwater aquarium setup. The type of saltwater aquarium setup you choose depends on a few factors. For example, the kinds of species you want to stock, the space you have available, and your budget. In […]


Which Exotic Pet Is Right for You

So you want to buy an exotic pet. It’s understandable. There are many benefits and rewards to owning an exotic pet. However, before you run out and buy the cutest or most interesting pet you can find, it pays to take a step back and make an educated decision. Here’s how to determine which exotic […]


Should You Own an Exotic Pet

Pets add something special to our lives. They’re dependent on us and appeal to our care giving side. Many are loyal and affectionate. And they teach us something about ourselves and nature. Owning an exotic pet can add to or magnify these benefits. However, exotic pets also offer a number of challenges. They can be […]


How Difficult Is It to Care for Exotic Pets

Pets have a lot of demands. You have to feed them, clean up after them, love them and make sure they’re safe and healthy. Exotic pets can add extra responsibilities on top of the standard needs. Domestic pets are generally easy to care for. You feed them. Exercise them. Groom them. Take them to the […]


Things to Consider When Buying an Exotic Pet

Exotic pets can be extremely fun to own. You have the opportunity to bond with an animal that is unlike any other pet. It can also be tremendously challenging, educational and ultimately rewarding. However, the success of your exotic pet experience rests with a very important decision – what kind of pet are you going […]


Where to Purchase Exotic Animals – How to Find a Reputable Dealer or Breeder

Exotic pets can be a true delight. They can add value and enjoyment to your life. And ownership of exotic pets is increasing. That increase has led to some very real challenges when it comes to finding reputable dealers and breeders. Some of the complications you want to avoid are: Illegal capture and importation of […]


Hidden Costs of Owning Exotic Pets

Before you buy an exotic pet it’s important to be prepared for all of the responsibilities and challenges. One of the most significant surprises for many exotic pet owners is the expense. Owning an exotic pet can be extremely expensive. Here are just some of the hidden costs of owning exotic pets. 1 Food – […]


Health Risks Associated With Owning Exotic Pets

Pet ownership always has its ups and downs. There are tremendous joys and significant responsibilities associated with owning both exotic and domestic pets. However, exotic pets pose an additional challenge: health risks. Let’s take a look at the most common health risks associated with owning exotic pets. Salmonella Salmonella are bacteria that are present on […]


Do Exotic Animals Make Good Pets

Many people own exotic pets. So many that the exotic pet trade is booming. Unfortunately that leads to many breeders and dealers acquiring animals through illegal means and many pet owners rushing into a decision they later regret. Before you buy an exotic animal to keep as a pet, it’s important to ask yourself a […]