Common Mistakes Exotic Pet Owners Make


Owning an exotic pet requires a high degree of responsibility and commitment. Unfortunately, many people rush into the decision to own or adopt an exotic pet. They’re cute, they’re cool and they’re fun. The rest will figure itself out, right? Actually, that’s rarely the case. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes exotic pet owners make so you can avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Rushing into it. One of the most common mistakes exotic pet owners make is buying on impulse. It happens to the best of people, particularly if the pet is in need of care and you’re looking to adopt. However, it’s incredibly important to avoid this temptation. Educate yourself ahead of time. Look into the behavior, care and needs of the pet and be sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility before you bring an exotic pet home.

Mistake #2 – Not preparing your home before the pet arrives. Most exotic pets have very specific habitat requirements. They may need ultraviolet lighting, trees to climb, places to hide or even a few more of their species. Make sure you have everything you need set up and waiting before you bring an exotic pet home.

Mistake #3 – Not investigating veterinary care ahead of time. There is a real chance that you don’t have access to a local veterinarian who knows how to care for your exotic pet. Many veterinarians are educated about domestic pets but not exotics. That means your pet isn’t going to get the health care it needs and deserves. Find a veterinarian before you find an exotic pet you want to adopt.

Mistake #4 – Not educating yourself. Do you know what your pet eats? Do you know what behaviors are normal or abnormal? Do you know what habitat to create for your pet that will provide them with the happiest existence? Do you know what health problems to look for? It’s vitally important to educate yourself on your desired exotic pet before you buy them.

Mistake #5 – Not making sure your pet is legal. Many exotic pets are illegal to own and different states and cities have their own regulations. When an illegal pet is brought home, you risk losing that pet to the authorities and paying a hefty fine. It’s an unfortunate situation all the way around. Make sure it’s legal to have your exotic pet before you bring them home.

Owning an exotic pet can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. They can add something to your life that a domestic pet cannot. However, before you make the decision to buy or adopt an exotic pet, make sure you’re 100% prepared for the responsibility. Educate yourself, check your resources and make sure you can provide a great life for your exotic pet.