Guppy Fish Price In India


Guppy fish price varies according to breed, quality, and location. Guppy fishes are beautiful fresh water fish available in all over world which can make your fish tank more colorful. Even though the fish is smaller in size, the price of guppy fish varies according to its breeds and quality. Guppy price in India starts from $0.30 (20 rs) per pair to $265 (25,000 rs) per pair (price estimate). As Indian market is growing day by day, demand for product is increasing. The demand for Guppy fish is rising tremendously in Indian Market.

Factors that effects Guppy Fish Price in India

Guppy Fish Price can vary according to breeds .when new varieties are coming to market the price will fluctuate the market. Imported guppy fish price may go higher till its demand finishes in the market. Local guppy fish breed’s price will be affecting according to market fluctuations only. For instance, earlier white tuxedo Guppy were available in market for 250 rs per pair, but now it’s available in the local market for price ranging from 80 – 150 rs per pair. 

Another factor which affects the price of guppy is the quality of the fish. Some people will feed the guppy fish only normal fish foods; it really affects the quality and pricing. For better quality, growth and colour, feeding live fish foods are the most important part of Guppy Fish Care. If guppy fish is of good quality and colour, people are willing to take it for a good price. 

One more Factor which affects guppy price is its location. In some locations, availability of guppy fish is hard. In such cases, the price of fish may increase. Places where there are less number of breeders or shops have monopoly to sell guppy fish at a higher price. This can also affect the market price of guppy fish. There are a lot of options to overcome that. By purchasing live fish online from genuine websites and wholesale dealers can get you Guppy at a lower price.

Guppy Fish Price In India Conclusion

Guppy Fish price varies according to market demand. For choosing the right quality guppies, we advise you to purchase guppy fish from quality breeders so that you can get the fish at an affordable price rather than buying from a shop nearby. Always feed live fish food for good quality babies. If you are purchasing guppy fish for breeding, never purchase it from local shops, purchase it from other breeders. So that you can get nice quality fish at affordable price. Always purchase guppy fish which is popular in current market rather than purchasing low quality at a cheaper price. Buy good quality guppies at medium price will also increase chance of earnings for breeders. For Instance, if you are breeder if you purchase pair of guppy fish for 30 rs. While you are going to sell it in future you will get 15 rs per pair only. If you Purchase pair for 100 rs, while you selling you will get 50 – 75 rs per pair. So our friendly advice is to purchase high quality guppy fish from quality breeders at an affordable priceas well as always feed live fish food for getting quality babies and good colour.