Hidden Costs of Owning Exotic Pets


Before you buy an exotic pet it’s important to be prepared for all of the responsibilities and challenges. One of the most significant surprises for many exotic pet owners is the expense. Owning an exotic pet can be extremely expensive. Here are just some of the hidden costs of owning exotic pets.

1 Food – In addition to the vast amount of food some exotic pets eat, which can literally be pounds of food a day, many exotic pets have very specialized diets. Specialized diets can be expensive and difficult to find. For example a bag of monkey chow – yes, it’s really called monkey chow – can cost $50, and that doesn’t include shipping and tax.

Monkeys need plenty of fruits and vegetables too. And that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that many exotic animals live for decades, much longer than the standard domestic pet.

2 Veterinary care – Most exotic pets are going to require specialized veterinary care. This means not only paying more for their standard care and exams, you’ll also need to pay for care and expenses that normal domestic pets do not have. For example, turtles need to have their beak trimmed. Only someone who has been trained in how to do this can manage the task and because it’s a specialty task, you’ll pay more. And pet insurance for exotic pets is expensive too.

3 Habitat – Most exotic pets require a very special habitat. They need room to safely play, sleep and hang out. From reptiles that need ultraviolet lights to mammals that need room to climb, exotic pet habitats can cost a pretty penny.

4 Pet sitters and boarding – You’ll be hard pressed to find a pet sitter who is qualified to care for a sloth or a pot bellied pig. And you’ll be even harder pressed to find a boarding facility. When you do find that specialty care giver, you can bet they’re going to be expensive and in demand.

So maybe you want to travel with your pet instead of leaving it at home. That’ll cost you, too. Imagine finding a vacation rental that allows pigs! The security deposit is bound to be quite expensive.

5 Health problems – Finally, there are the health problems that human owners have to deal with. Often people find that they’re allergic to their new pet or that their new pet has given them a disease. Salmonella is a common health problem with many exotic pet breeds. This medical care can be quite expensive and ongoingBecause exotic animals live for so long and because they have special needs, there are many hidden expenses. We haven’t even talked about the entertainment needs for many exotic pets, including toys and training. If you’re financially prepared and have a burning desire to own a specific exotic pet breed, make sure you’ve covered your bases and are prepared for the care-giving responsibilities. You can then welcome your new exotic pet into your home with confidence.