how to take care of birds on rainy season in india and worldwide


In india and worldwide rainy season will affect exotic birds badly. At the point when the climate outside gets terrible, it can mean something bad for pet winged creatures. Since most pet fledgling species hail from geographic regions that have warm, heat and humidities, a drop in temperature can be crushing to both their solace and wellbeing, regardless of whether you keep your winged animal inside. Realize why chilly climate can posture such an issue for pet fowls, just as tips to protect your feathered companion, sound, and agreeable.

Ten Tips for taking care of birds in rainy season are as follows:

  1. Before the onset of the rainy season, be sure to wash, dry and store the grains in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Be sure to give worm medicines before the onset of monsoon.
  3. Whenever possible it is best to avoid breeding at the beginning of the rainy season and rest the birds.
  4. Hide the nests where the birds are kept away from rain water.
  5. Make sure that the nests do not fall over when the wind blows. If possible, tie up and make sure it does not fall over.
  6. Avoid getting moisture in the seed mix which is kept in the cage as feed. Moisture can lead to the presence of fungus and bacteria, which can make birds more susceptible to disease.
  7. Take care to keep the environment clean and tidy.
  8. Egg feed, soaked grains and sprouted grains should be kept in the cage for a short period of time and should be removed as soon as possible.
  9. Be sure to give as much seed mix and water as possible during the rainy season (except when the chicks are hatched) and reduce the use of leaves.
  10. Setting up a heater or filament bulbs to keep the birds warm in the cold air in the cages will help the birds to get warm

Lets conclude if you follow above steps, it will help pet parents to take care of birds at monsoon season. If you like our article feel free to comment your opinions about it.