Natural Medicine For Deworming Birds | പക്ഷികളെ ദുർബലപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതിനുള്ള പ്രകൃതിദത്ത മരുന്ന്

Natural medicine for Deworming birds and animals

Let's talk about a great natural medicine for Deworming all kinds of birds and animals in the universe. The information which we are sharing is a tips for bird lovers in kerala and all around word. Main reason why pets becoming sick is lack of cleanliness, as a result bacteria and other infections will effect pets in kerala.

Other way a pet getting sick due to lack of knowledge, when a person purchase a new pet he/she is not aware of common disease which effect it. In our opinion before purchasing a pet he/she need to study about its breed as well as try to go with someone who is having knowledge about it.

Let's explain ingredients for making this natural medicine:

  1. Neem Leaf
  2. Termaric Powder

How to make this medicine ?

Firsly Boil Neem Leaf , then pour boiled neem juice into a small container. Add some turmeric powder into it.

Finally Filter it and pour it into a spray bottle. Our medicine is ready.

How to Use this natual birds medicine ?

You can spray this medicine all bird cages and outside as well. This help to kill all bacteria and other fungal infections.

Advantages of Natuaral Birds Medicine ?

This medicine will kill all viruses, bacteria inside and outside of cages. This medicine also helps you to get rid of mosquitoes, ants, and lizards.

There is no any side effects for birds or any of your pets after using this natual medicine and environmental friendly.

According to our experience this natural bird medicine made of neem and turmeric powder which will increase life span of your pets. Just spray this once in a week inside and outside of your birds or animals cage.

If your pet is sick you have to consult a veterinary doctor asap, rather than waiting for few days thinking of curing disease by itself.