Top 5 best dog dry food in India 2021


The dog dry food will ensuring that your dogs are getting the right nutrients and diet essential for their daily growth.

As pet food industry is going to a drastic growth in India for the last 6 years, there are numerous number of dog food brands available in Indian market. However, the most popular pet food available in the local market may not be the best dog food option for your dog.

In this article, we have listed the top 5 dry dog food brands that are available in all over India. We have listed only highly recommended brands only for our pet parents.

Highly Recommended top 5 dry dog food brands are as follows:

  1. Arden Grange

It is an European dog food brand that shows a total breakdown of starting fixings on its item name. It is wealthy in both new meat and meat dinner. The arrangement incorporates just 30% grains, and a large portion of it is rice. We suggest this as rice is obviously better than corn or wheat. The dietary benefit is very high in this food item with other sound things added, for example, beetroot mash, fish oils, eggs, and so forth The fat substance in the food is quite low and makes it a sound dry canine food choice for your dogs.

  1. Taste of the Wild

It is the solitary grain free food accessible in India. It presents duck meat which is exceptionally nutritious and has high protein fundamental for the canines. It incorporates different fish meat also, high in protein and solid fish oils. One of their groups was as of late reviewed because of odds of salmonella, yet by and large the food quality is acceptable and can be favored dependently on the crude dietary benefit of the food structure. The fixing breakdown is straightforward and rate astute dissemination of the food is considerable.

  1. Farmina’s N & D low grain

This item has never been reviewed for any sort of issue. It is extraordinary compared to other canine food organizations on the planet. It is an Italian brand with an ideal breakdown of fixings on the item name. It has just 20% of oats and other sound choices. It has rice which is simpler to process when contrasted with corn. It has 60% new chicken meat, best in the dietary benefit when contrasted with some other item on the rundown we have referenced up until this point. It additionally has 35% rough protein, which is the most elevated of any canine food item accessible in India.

  1. Royal Canin

It is a generally promoted brand and has been acquiring a significant ubiquity in the Indian market. Their primary fixing is rice and it is available in the entirety of their equations. The second fundamental fixing is poultry protein which according to AFFCO is an aftereffect of clean meat. The best thing about Royal Canin is that it guarantees that its fixings are of high caliber and appropriate according to their age-explicit recipes. The thing to note here that it additionally contains grains and loads of proteins come from vegetables. Dogs being characteristic carnivores struggle separating vegetable proteins. The dog may have the stomach related problems whenever put on a normal eating regimen of Royal Canin.

  1. Nutra Gold

This dog dry food item is confirmed by AFFCO. The primary fixings incorporate turkey, chicken, and other premium quality meats. The dietary benefit of the food is high and useful for most dogs. You should take note of that it contains grain also. We suggest this nourishment for a grown-up dog. The recipe for grown-up dog food is very acceptable.


It is difficult for a first-time pet parent to pick dry dog food. The vet suggestions might be now and again one-sided because of item association or supported administrations. It is the reason we recorded our fair suggestions dependent on realities and it is dependent upon you to pick the correct canine nourishment for your dog. We simply trust that we’ve encouraged you as you continued looking for the best canine nourishment for your dog and now you realize what to precisely search for in a food item prior to purchasing. Keep in mind, and it isn’t about the brands however the quality it contains.