Which Exotic Pet Is Right for You


So you want to buy an exotic pet. It’s understandable. There are many benefits and rewards to owning an exotic pet. However, before you run out and buy the cutest or most interesting pet you can find, it pays to take a step back and make an educated decision. Here’s how to determine which exotic pet is right for you.

  • Is the pet legal to own? Not all pets are legal in all areas of the country. Spend some time reviewing your local laws and regulations as they relate to exotic pets. Find out what pets are not allowed and scratch them off of your list.
  • Lifespan – Many exotic pets live for decades; we’re talking 30, 40 even 50 years. This is quite an investment and responsibility.
  • Other pets – What other pets do you have in your home? Some pets are completely incompatible with others. Make sure the pet you choose will get along with the pets you already have.
  • Children – Do you have small children? If so, you’ll need to tread carefully. Many exotic pets are not compatible with small children. Be very careful when choosing an exotic pet if you have little ones.
  • Space & equipment – Many exotic pets have very special needs. You’ll want to investigate these needs before you make a commitment and bring on home. Make sure you not only have the room for their housing but also that you can afford the equipment required to properly care for your desired exotic pet.
  • Time commitment – Some exotics are fairly easy to care for; others require full-time attention. Lemurs for example require constant attention, whereas a sugar glider may be content by themselves for a while.
  • More than one? – Several exotic pet breeds require companionship. They live in groups and getting just one will result in behavior and perhaps even health problems. That means if you want one, you have to want two, three or more. Are you prepared for this?
  • Pet Size – How large of a pet can you accommodate? If you’re in a smaller home or apartment, then size will be an issue.

Before you head out to purchase an exotic pet, it’s recommended that you create a checklist. Write down some animals that are legal and you think would accommodate your needs and surroundings, and then create your checklist. Research the animals on your list and compare. Buying and caring for an exotic pet isn’t easy. Make sure you’re making the right decision before you bring your new pet home.